Mom and Dad, I want to be a Musician!

Your answer doesn't have to be filled with angst or dread; here is how.

This little blog post is written for the parents of aspiring Musicians. Still, honestly, the advice I give here could work perfectly for any family navigating their progeny through the path of wanting to make a living as an artist.

First off, wanting to be an artist is a NOBLE aspiration, for art is the window into our souls and those who can show us a path are truly gifted, rare and elusive.(who said that?)

In reality, the act of survival in the world of music is truly elusive. Without a real detailed understanding of the business, the aspiring musician will have zero chance of getting to the goal.

I can continue to paraphrase others' words, or I can give you the answer you so desire, and the only reason you clicked on the link.

If your child comes to you and says these words, “I want to make my living as a musician,” Smile and hand them this book.

I suppose you are wondering if I am an influencer or affiliate; the answer is no. I wrote this truly because I was blown away by the content and writing. Ari’s real-world experience and takeaways on how to make it in the music business were 100% on point, and it compelled me to do more than give his book a five-star review; I wanted to “sneeze” his book to others, searching for a way to survive in the music biz. (Seth Godin reference).

Music Culture, NOT the music, is what drives fans…. ari herstand

For years, those who have been surviving in the indie music business have known of Ari Herstand's blog. It is incredibly authentic and generous. He has been doing it for many years and is genuinely helping other artists navigate the music biz world. I got many great tips from it while I was making my way as an indie producer.

At first, I bought “How to make it in the New Music Business” out of a sense of giving back to his generosity, then something that I wasn't expecting happened. I read the first chapter and didn't put it down.

Page 398, Lower section, is worth the price of the book

I have read probably over 300 books on music and the industry. If this book existed back when I started, twenty years ago, many hours of reading and contemplation would have been saved. This book is, IMHO, the go-to book if you or your child truly wants this life. This is the culmination of someone who has done it (Ari) and knows what it REALLY takes to survive as an artist in 2021 and beyond.

If your child still wants to be a working musician at the end of reading this book, and if they implement the blueprints in this book on their own, then you should support them at least for a little while. Who knows, your child could be the next Bowie or Lady Gaga.

Who am I?

Bigga Bigga P, producer, and entrepreneur who has produced many artists and licensed music to TV and Film; I survive on the oldest idiom of artists. I do what I need to live so I can produce and make my art/music. I have been lucky in my life building companies that provided for my family and me, but my heart is always in the studio.

Here is my/our latest release featuring an amazing vocalist Stephanie Rosado. It is an uplifting song of inspiration, perfect for these challenging days. It reminds us, “Well Alright, We are going to be Alright.”

Well, Alright, we are going to be alright.



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Bigga Bigga P

Bigga Bigga P


Concerned World Citizen, Producer, Seasoned Entrepreneur; Most of my writing is a thought experiment and not to be construed as fact.