We have gotten hung up on the “Story” of this virus instead of the facts; time is running out.

We need a plan, for now, and the next virus, because it's coming.

Could use a better plan

Yes, continued flattening of the curve is critical for many reasons, and I agree with it. I have an old school worldview. I listen to those who are better trained than me in subjects I have little understanding. Science is more significant than opinion in my worldview. Though science may not be 100%, I don’t need it to be when guiding me to an informed decision. Give me two-thirds consensus from scientists, And I will differ in their advice. When it comes to biology, well, unless you have spent half your adult life studying it (residency), your opinion means little to me. Sure, I factor in that the future may find different solutions, but I would rather play the odds in my favor. We have gotten hung up on the “story” of this virus instead of the facts; time is running out.

“Based on the facts and data we have today, these are our findings” — All reasonable scientists caveat.

The new world order seems to influenced by people who have graduated from the University of Google, Facebook, and Twitter, with a doctorate in “search and memes.” They have no skin in the game other than wasted hours searching for anything that will confirm their bias and worldview. Once they find said confirmation and get a hit of the dopamine caused by it, they look for more, or worse spread it and wait for “LIKES.” I would say this defines an addiction, so yes, the worse parts of the internet and social media are an addiction. I would suggest the people in Silicon Valley have exploited and designed it with that intention.

This new world order has gotten in the way of common sense, and it seems to me there is a common-sense plan we can adopt now and into the future on how we combat these viruses.

I am NOT a doctor, but I am reasonably well-read and open to truth from any source that offers it. I have a precise BS meter. I expect no one to read this, but the writer in me feels it is essential to journal these thoughts when they form a cohesive opinion. America and the world needs a plan now and for the future. We need to think locally and forget the “show” of politics.

Politicians are the mechanism to implement what trained and credentialed experts deem a sensible plan. When did we differ that role of expertise to people who arguably have only power and reelection as their sole agenda? We must start locally and prepare, forget the show and take action, start in your community, and then in your City.

Facts to date- that have direct bearing to a sensible plan.

1. The COVID19 virus acts similar to other respiratory infections & influenza we get every season (so far as we know)

2. There is no cure for those other viruses, either.

3. The treatment for COVID19, as in ALL infections, lives in each one of our bodies.

4. The risk is that no one knows who will survive the virus, as it is a battle within our bodies.

5. Those with healthier immune systems have a better chance of surviving.

6. If we don’t take action soon, many will die outside of this virus caused by ancillary deaths and economic disaster.

7. Science is more significant than any politician’s opinion when it comes to biology.

8. A Government’s role is to form actionable plans to protect society, not to decide on the validity of a consensus of experts in science.

9. Vaccinations reduce risks but are not the cure; further, it is months/years away, if ever. (this may change as I write this but I doubt it) More importantly, the vaccination is NOT the battle. How society deals with these threats is because another one is coming.

10. Healthcare personal NEED our help and support NOW. They need HEALTHY volunteers who have been exposed and are immune to this virus. Or at least less at risk. Our young people need to “soldier up” time to do your civic duty and put down Instagram.

11. The “cry” that “Science is not 100%”- IS NOT a legitimate argument.

Here is a plan, and I ask any accredited scientist to weigh in, add change make recommendations in the comments. This plan is forward-looking, but it could be adopted for COVID19 now if the will was there.

UPON NOTICE OF NEW VIRUS -Each City in America issues a stay home quarantine. Group all residents (on paper) in that City into risk groups based on SCIENCE. Test and confirm the lowest risk first as well as those who have been exposed through activity or occupation. Test and isolate those who show a positive test. Those who are healthy enter society BUT not to go on their merry way. They must give at least X hours in service to the community; Helping the medical establishment or any other numerous tasks the isolated can not do while in that isolation.

It can be done on a local level; further, it has been done in the past as civil service during the second world war. I mean citizens coming together for the greater social good. I would say we must apply some consequences for those not willing, that I leave to others to decide.

The next group on the “funnel of at-risk”, enters into society, again the same as before. Those who become sick get around the clock medical attention and all the support they need from those who are LUCKY enough to be immune.

You don’t agree, ok add or detract, weigh in. It is a time for leaders, not doubters, and you be the one person in your community that changes the death curve of the next virus.

Is this plan perfect, of course not, but fear isn’t going to stop the inevitable exposure to COVID19 this year or next. How we manage is our test, and we better get it right. The next one might be worse.

Let me preemptively respond to any comments about freedoms and Americans’ rights to be FREE from masks and isolation, etc. When 911 occurred, the Patriot Act was passed, which eliminated many of our rights — so many. Three thousand souls lost on that day, many Americans. As of this writing, we are at 150,000 in America and 700,000 worldwide — your brother’s sister’s mother’s father’s daughter’s friends foes and fellow humans, have fallen. Have you become so jaded by the hateful you can’t feel anymore? That you cant, get past your confirmation bias, and see these little organisms don’t read social media or care about your political affiliations. Isolation should be and act of patriotism.

Let us come together and be one mind just for this war — let us save our own lives.



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